Saturday, 5 November 2016

Traffic Sign Recognition

Traffic Sign Assist

As part of the Lane Assist function, the front camera double up as a Traffic Sign Recognition camera. It reads specific road signs and display on the instrument cluster to warn the driver. 

The speed limit of the road is captured by the camera and displayed on the cluster under the Road Sign section

During driving, the speed limit of the road is displayed

Golf R Double U-DRL Xenon Headlights

Golf R Double U DRL Xenon Headlights 

Volkswagen have several different Xenon Headlights which are differentiated by the stripe inside the headlamp. 

The common Xenon single U found on all the 1.4 Sports version are with a bright chrome stripe, the more exotic GTI is naturally with a red stripe, the Golf R is with a mat stripe and the Golf-E which is a LED headlight is with a blue stripe. There even a yellow stripe design for the Golf R 400

E-Golf Blue Stripe

Golf R 400 Yellow Stripe
Initially, I wanted to fit the E-Golf headlights because of the bright LED headlight function but dropped the idea because of the absence of the double U-DRL feature. 

Imported the RHD Golf R headlights directly from Germany.....fresh from the oven. 

Fresh from Germany VW warehouse....RHD Golf R Headlights

There 4 modules under the lights.

It is not possible to fit the AFS headlights on the vehicle without replacing the BCM which controls the AFS/2xU-DRL function. The original BCM does not support this function. Replacing the BCM was a nightmare. Not easy but not impossible. An adapter harness is required to connect up the new AFS headlights to the new BCM. 

Original AG vs AJ BCM

After fitting the lights !

Full LED Signal lights

Full Bright either on Auto Mode or Full-time on 

Hello Sexy ! 

So sexy ! Double U-DRL

After coding, controls are made on the Discover Pro's Light Assistance 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Adaptive Cruise Control on Golf 7

Adaptive Cruise Control ACC on Golf VII 7

The ACC is a very useful feature on the VW car and my experience on the Passat have spurred me to acquire this feature on the Golf 7.  

A "Must Have" in my opinion. 

My quest for this comes with a price. It is not as simple to install as it was on the Passat B6/7.  

Volkswagen have made it very much more difficult for folks like myself to do retrofitting by adding the Component Protection feature on the ACC controller. It can only be activated online via VASPC or ODIS. Best of all, it cannot be activated unless you have this feature on your original car......meaning to say it is impossible to retrofit because mine did not come original from factory to allow me to enable it. However, my European gurus have a way around it. They are are genius working there. 

To install the radar, it is not as simple as hiding it behind the emblem now. We have to replace the whole bumper guard behind the front bumper moulding with an original part number which comes with a proper retainer to hold the radar. 

Top is original without holder. Lower is replacement with holder 
Radar is installed on the bumper bar 
The radar sensor mounted

The radar is part of the front lane assist camera and connected via a pair of CAN wire

A new lower radiator grille is also needed to be fitted. Problem is....they all come with chrome trimming. As such, all the lower trims have to be replaced with matching trims. The lower side trims, fog light trims and the special ACC center lower trims. 

Front Radar fitted with new lower grille
Radar Mounted
New, the steering wheel.  The original steering of the base Golf VII does not have anything. Don't even dream about paddle shifters for the DSG. Only radio control and MFD control buttons....still better than the Trend Line 1.2 model. That only have a horn button ! That model is a church mouse edition. 

R Steering with ACC 

The ACC requires a special steering wheel with the built in ACC control button which is different from the normal Cruise Control feature. 

Special ACC Steering Wheel

R-Steering with ACC Controls
Upon activation, the MFD changes to ACC mode and shows the Lane Assist ( works in conjunction ). If there is a vehicle in front, it would display a model of a vehicle on the MFD. 

Vehicle is stopped at a pre-selected distance. 
We can select the distance to follow via the steering or Discovery Pro HU. Using the steering buttons on the left, it is easier done on the go. 

Vehicle stops at a pre-selected distance.

When the vehicle in front moves on, we press the RES button on the steering for the vehicle to follow suit. 

Best of all, there is the City Emergency Brake. This function as a radar to track the vehicle in front. Once it slows down suddenly, the vehicle's brake would automatically be applied to slow down the vehicle in time to prevent an accident. 

The manual says that...."brakes would be applied to reduce the damages in event of a frontal accident". 

End of the day, this is one of the best features on the Golf 7 that I am enjoying ! The only Golf 7 in Singapore and Malaysia or even Asia to have this feature.....I think ? 

What my customers say !

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Golf 7 Auto Hatch Opening

Automatic Opening Hatch on Golf 7 

The standard opening of the hatch via the remote on the key fob is horrendous. All you get is a "click" and a very very slight movement on the hatch indicating that it is "opened". You will need to lift it with your hands to get it to open up. 

We fitted the automatic "pop my hatch" kit to the Golf 7 and it did wonders !  

Now all I have to do is to stand back, press the remote and the hatch pops right open wide ! Very wide in fact. Seems much wider than on the Golf 6, a friend from Malaysia have commented  !

Guess he is right ! 7 is higher than 6 ! 

What the customers say...

Thursday, 1 September 2016

App Connect on Discover Pro MIB2

Enabled App Connect on Discover Pro MIB2

This is one of the key features I was looking forward to in the Discover Pro for the Golf 7. My hacked DP came with this feature enabled by the supplier.

There are 3 forms of app connection to the MIB2 Head Unit. First we have the Android Auto, MirrorLink and Apple CarPlay.

Could not find the Android Auto app in the Play Store. Checked out the web, found the app but when I tried to download it, it states that the Android Auto app is not supported in our region. ( )

We tried the MirrorLink. It requires us to download compatible apps such as Spotify, Sygic etc before we can used. Also some other VW specific apps. None of them work except for Spotify but only one app worked. Pathetic  but without online data. The Sygic Auto did not work on my phone. The Mirrorlink is a total disappointment as far as the Volkswagen edition of it.

Mirror Link. Only one app worked !

MirrorLink : Playlist of downloaded music from my phone. Cannot go online.
Perhaps Mirrorlink is not properly developed yet or really cannot be support in our region

Apple Carplay
Then we tried the Apply Carplay. This app worked flawlessly using the Iphone 6S from a buddy. 

All the apps actually worked.

Map with Traffic

Navigation aid on screen.

Android Auto
Was initially disappointed that we were not able to use the Android Auto app but we persisted in searching for a solution. Found a way around the restriction.

My HU is trained to recognize my Samsung and only connect it via Androidauto.

The Phone feature is respectable but I find the VW Bluetooth much better.

Music is via two apps installed on my phone.
Option for Music selection.

Almost full Google Maps option....I like the Traffic feature.

Traffic option is selectable on screen.

My conclusion, the Apple CarPlay seems to be the best however I am not an Apple person so...this should be out for me unless I migrate to Apple.  Next best is AndroidAuto despite what the website and none availability of the app etc.  The worst and most disappointing, is the MirrorLink. Totally useless in my opinion.

What my customers say

Monday, 22 August 2016

Original Shark Fin Retrofitted on Golf 7

Shark Fin Retrofitting on Golf 7 Trendline

After the Discovery Pro retrofitting, an original roof mounted GSP antenna is absolutely necessary for good GSP reception.  We fitted the original new Volkswagen shark fin which is used on all the MQB chassis vehicles such as the Golf 7, Passat, Touran and Tiguan. 

Original VW Golf 7 GPS antenna 
We have done many retrofit before using the older shark fin antenna which was a simple 15 mm x 15 mm square hole. However, on the new Golf 7, a really big odd shape hole needs to be cut onto the roof.  This is not for those with weak stomach. 

Not for the weak stomach owner ! 

The hole is cut using a template of the antenna. The odd hole is really odd. It is not evenly shaped and not centrally aligned. Had to compare the actual antenna to the marked hole before proceeding with the actual cutting. 

The roof lining must be lowered partially to allow access to the underside where the antenna must be secured.  That also process requires removing most of the trims at the hatch which is hindering the roof lining lowering. 

I approached the job with an opened mind that if everything fails, I would patch up the hole, weld it up and respray the whole roof at most ! 

However, work proceeded successfully and the odd shaped hole was cut nicely. I am about 95% satisfied. Could have done a better job. Nevertheless, the antenna fitted nicely, secured properly and when tightened from the underside the antenna lock in 100% ! 

This is a new designed antenna anchor. The Audi A5 antenna looks similar but is secured with a simple nut. The fit was not as solid though. The single nut holding the antenna down on a slightly curved roof may be the cause. This new anchoring method is really solidly mounted. 

The hole is located per original position and is centrally located under the roof

Cannot be happier with the GPS reception. Even when parked at the 2nd floor car park with out 10% viewing of the sky, the reception was 3/12 satellite. 

The new GPS antenna looks more sleek than the older fin ! 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Discovery Pro Navigation Head Unit Retrofit on Golf 7

Retrofitting Discovery Pro MIB2 on Golf 7 : 19th Aug 2016

Having been looking forward to this project for my Golf 7.  Retrofitting the latest MIB2 Discovery Pro unit is not a easy task. 

It involves replacing the entire glove box console so that the controller unit ( 5F Information Center ) is installed. 

The original housing

The new housing for the Discovery Pro controller module

Removed the glove box housing to expose all the components behind.

A specially fabricated harness extend the connector from the original position to the glove box location. 

Remove the original Composite Colour head unit and vent housing

The new MIB2 Display Unit fits perfectly ! 
After fitting the two main units, the system works okay.  There are some functions and gremlins that needs to be ironed out.

Discovery Pro MIB2 retrofitted

Vehicle Data is displayed per MFD information

The MIB2 App Connect function

The App Connect function does not work for all region. The Android Auto is not supported in our region. Only MirrorLink function is supported for my Samsung Note 4 and our region. However, having some issues with connecting to this currently.

DVD playing but need to install the VIM 

The map is the latest with MCE etc ! 2016

This is my favorite ..... The Blue Trainer ! 

The next is to fit the shark fin which requires a huge gabbing hole to be cut onto the roof in order to fit the original shark fin.

30 Aug 2016 : Video In Motion Enabling

The  DP have protection on the video display. Once vehicle is in motion, the video is disabled. Only audio is allowed. We used a special program to adjust the allowed speed to 255 unattainable speed for this little guy. 

What my customers say ! 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Anti Theft Alarm System ATWS on Golf 7

Retrofitting ATWS on Golf 7 Basic 

The Golf 7 is prepared for the ATWS.  All the base version as I know are fitted with only the Anti Theft System minus the Warning system. Presumably this is due to cost concern. 

ATWS Door Lock/Unlock Acoustic Confirmation
with Coming/Leaving Home Light via Fog Light LED 

The standard Anti Theft System comprises of the dead bolt door locks on all the doors/hatch and locking indicator on all doors/hood/hatch. Once the doors are locked, it cannot be opened from the inside.

The Anti Theft Warning System can be incorporated onto the existing factory system by adding the various tilt & intrusion module/siren/switch/harness and programming. 

This would protect the vehicle from any intrusion or being towed away illegally.  

There is not additional controller device needed as the system work with the original Volkswagen door remote controller key. 

Door opening and closing can be audible as desired. This is controlled from the Information Center (Radio Head Unit) 

Additional Feature : The doors can also be programmed to be automatically armed when all the doors are closed. This would render vehicle protection in the event the driver forgets to lock the vehicle when leaving it. If the doors are opened again, the siren would sound off unless the ignition key is inserted into the ignition lock cylinder.  

ATWS Acoutic Confirmation can be controlled via the Radio 

The new VW Golf 7 Siren is installed behind the bulkhead. 

Tilt/Intrusion Module