Friday, 10 February 2017

Golf 6 Cabriolet Dynaudio Upgrade

Dynaudio Upgrade Golf 6 VI Cabriolet

We upgraded the sound system of this 2014 Cabriolet with the original Dynaudio sound system. The Dynaudio for the Cabriolet is special from the normal Golf 6 which had a 8 speaker system.  The Cabrio Sound System consist of a 9 speaker system including a sub-woofer.

Dynaudio Speakers for the front doors
Dynaudio Insignia Door Tweeters

The Rear Passenger panel have the speakers concealed.
They are held by screws and easily removed.

The Tweeter/Base speakers are incorporated as a dual speaker. 
The Rear Dual Speaker

Sound as power as they look !
This is where the Sub-Woofer is suppose to be located

Just below the rear right speaker ! 

It hides the rear window regulator system. 
A new adapter cover cum speaker holder is required.

The rear is exposed to the inside of the rear panel area.
After fitting the sub-woofer.

The special Golf Cabriolet amplifier 

Fitted under the front passenger seat

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Golf 7 Rear Hatch Grommet Replacement

Grommet Replacement Golf 7

The rear hatch on all Volkswagen cars are electrically fed with wires running from the main body thru' a rubber grommet which isolate against the elements....water, dust, dirt etc. 

The grommet can easily be damaged when removal is not done properly or done in the hands of workshop idiots. 

Here we have a case of the grommet connectors removed for the rear view camera installation. 

Repair attempts but sealant would not normally work on such connectors

The owner only realised that the grommet was faulty when it was raining inside the car after the rear view camera was installed.  Workshop has claimed that it was already damaged when they were working on the usual. 

Replacement is complex as all the wires running through the grommet are usually not coloured. We have to mark all the wires individually. The pins inside the connector is also a pain to remove without the proper tools ( leave that to a typical workshop and you will have further damages to the wire connections

Disconnecting the main hatch connector

Wire harness removed for grommet removal

After all necessary hardware removal, the wire harness is slide out of the grommet and the new grommet reinserted. 

Connectors removed and prepared for reinsertion.

New grommet installed. Now to reconnect the female connectors and pins

It took about 2 plus hours to have the whole work done. So beware where you send your car to for installation involving the rear hatch. It could be a painful experience. 

Job Done ! 

Special effort is needed when removing the connector from the body as they are easily damaged. 

The plastic catch on the left was damaged during earlier removal attempt.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Golf 7 Window Trim Enhancement

High Polish Stainless Trim Enhancement : Golf 7 : 17 January 2017

The original black rubber window frame on the Golf 7 is dull. The Passat B7 windows are endowed with the stainless trim from factory. 

Found these stick on stainless trims which are perfect for the Golf 7 windows. They are Made In China products which came highly recommended from a friend. The fit and finish is very good. Well....who said that China products are always bad ? 

The sticker tape provided is from 3M ( maybe real maybe next door neighbor 3N ) .  After several days, they seem to be holding. Very firmly attached. 

Now the Golf looks more executive ! Done away
with the black black look. The chrome finish is pleasing to my eyes

Monday, 16 January 2017

Tiguan DCC Upgrade

Dynamic Chassis Control Retrofitting on Tiguan 5N : 14 January 2017

Bern wanted to improve his original Tiguan suspension system which seem to have worn and feel relatively soft and uncomfortable. He got the B6 Bilstein installed. As the B6 is a sport tune suspension, the ride naturally became harsher and firmer. Much to his  disappointment till he tested my Passat with the DCC installed. It was love at first ride. 

Retrofitting was done over two days as usual. Visit Bern at his condominium and spent a day installing the harness.  Hardware were installed the next day at MTR Motoren with Julian's kind assistance and his splendid team of technicians. 

Installed the critical DCC controller at the rear

In 2017, we have adopted a new approach in the electric system. Now we use the original harness in the wheel arches to connect to the custom harness of the retrofitted DCC system. The original harness is removed and the new DCC type harness fitted in place. 

Original wheel arch harness

New harness runs along the original route

Fit and joints are superb ! 

Original harness is neat and tidy

Wiring fit is 100% 

Control display via Driver Information System display

A new switch assembly with DCC control ( C/S ) 

After all is done, a visit to Stamford Tires to get the wheels aligned

Bern's feedback :
  1. Bernard H15 January 2017 at 13:23
    Had procrastinated for a year before I finally decided to install DCC on my Tiguan through Jimmy. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and passion for VW cars and mods. He took me through explanation and installation process explanation and made it convenient for me by coming to my home carpark and wiring installation. Seeing the complexity of the wiring further cemented my faith in his ability to complete the project without issues. The whole process took 1.5days. I came off with deep conviction of his ability and am definitely exploring more with him! To all VW car lovers in SG, he's the man to go to for expert advice and installation on all things VW.
  2. Bernard H15 January 2017 at 21:12
    2 days having DCC on Tiguan. I am enjoying the ability to ride on comfort with family. DCC helps smoothes out bumps and makes Singapore roads less harsh. Sports mode when I am driving out alone. Time to think about next project with Jimmy!

What the other customers say ? 

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Traffic Sign Recognition

Traffic Sign Assist

As part of the Lane Assist function, the front camera double up as a Traffic Sign Recognition camera. It reads specific road signs and display on the instrument cluster to warn the driver. 

The speed limit of the road is captured by the camera and displayed on the cluster under the Road Sign section

During driving, the speed limit of the road is displayed

Golf R Double U-DRL Xenon Headlights

Golf R Double U DRL Xenon Headlights 

Volkswagen have several different Xenon Headlights which are differentiated by the stripe inside the headlamp. 

The common Xenon single U found on all the 1.4 Sports version are with a bright chrome stripe, the more exotic GTI is naturally with a red stripe, the Golf R is with a mat stripe and the Golf-E which is a LED headlight is with a blue stripe. There even a yellow stripe design for the Golf R 400

E-Golf Blue Stripe

Golf R 400 Yellow Stripe
Initially, I wanted to fit the E-Golf headlights because of the bright LED headlight function but dropped the idea because of the absence of the double U-DRL feature. 

Imported the RHD Golf R headlights directly from Germany.....fresh from the oven. 

Fresh from Germany VW warehouse....RHD Golf R Headlights

There 4 modules under the lights.

It is not possible to fit the AFS headlights on the vehicle without replacing the BCM which controls the AFS/2xU-DRL function. The original BCM does not support this function. Replacing the BCM was a nightmare. Not easy but not impossible. An adapter harness is required to connect up the new AFS headlights to the new BCM. 

Original AG vs AJ BCM

After fitting the lights !

Full LED Signal lights

Full Bright either on Auto Mode or Full-time on 

Hello Sexy ! 

So sexy ! Double U-DRL

After coding, controls are made on the Discover Pro's Light Assistance