Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Active Information Display Retrofitted on Golf 7

Active Info Display Instrument Cluster on Golf 7

Have always been fascinated by the Active Information Display on the Passat B8 when it was first introduced in 2016. 

I got to get one of this but cannot afford to buy the new Passat Exclusive B8 2.0 ! 

When the new Golf 7.5 was shown, it have the Active Info Display cluster ! 

This is absolutely good news ! I got my hands on a set from VW Germany including the original trim cover which is a must. 

Original Analogue Cluster

Active Info Display Cluster 

Installing the new AID cluster !
Before enabling Production Mode ( 2 km odometer reading )

Complete installation after input of original odometer reading.

Change to Blue Variant : Classic Theme

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Upgrading my Knuckles !

Steering Knuckle Upgrades : Golf 7 1.4 TSi : March 2017

To enhance handling and performance, a reduction of unsprung weight would be a plus. So, we replace the heavy Cast Iron knuckle to the GTI/R styled aluminum alloy steering knuckle. The weight difference is tremendous ! 

This involves replace bigger drive shaft bearing and ball joints as well the respective nuts. 

It is an expensive exercise. Total cost is about S$1500. 

Aluminum vs Cast Iron
Weight between the two is tremendous !
New Steering Knuckle, ball joint and absorber
Mounted on the vehicle
The ball joint is of a different lenght/dimension....so replacement is necessary.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Tiguan Engine Hood Struts

Tiguan Engine Hood Struts : 18 March 2017

We fitted these aftermarket hydraulic gas struts for the Tiguan. No need to hold it up using the hood stand any more and no more obstructions to the engine anymore. 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Touran Dynamic Chassis Control

Touran DCC Upgrade : 7 March 2017

This Touran customer have driven his 2012 Touran for 5 years plus and the suspension have given up. 

He tested a Tiguan with a CBX edition DCCand was sold to the idea of a comfortable ride instead of the regular or aftermarket sports/coilover kit. 

Retrofitting the Touran is more difficult compared to the rest of the models because of the 3rd roll seats. They block the rear trims which must be removed for the retrofit. 

The NH boys at work !

Removing the 3rd row seats

Access to the rear side trims is possible now

With the trims removed...the fenders and C-pillars are more visible

Custom harness on the left and original fender harnesses on right

Positioning the DCC Controller 

Adding the custom harness

Right Rear DCC Shock

Left Rear DCC Shock

Front Right DCC Shocks

Front Left DCC Shocks

Front Right Level Sensor...

New Control Switch Assembly with the C/S control 

Toggling between Comfort, Normal & Sports

The preferred Option ! Sports ! 
The customer is totally overwhelmed by the new DCC set up. His first expression after the virgin first drive....." The family gonna love this !

Friday, 10 February 2017

Golf 6 Cabriolet Dynaudio Upgrade

Dynaudio Upgrade Golf 6 VI Cabriolet

We upgraded the sound system of this 2014 Cabriolet with the original Dynaudio sound system. The Dynaudio for the Cabriolet is special from the normal Golf 6 which had a 8 speaker system.  The Cabrio Sound System consist of a 9 speaker system including a sub-woofer.

Dynaudio Speakers for the front doors
Dynaudio Insignia Door Tweeters

The Rear Passenger panel have the speakers concealed.
They are held by screws and easily removed.

The Tweeter/Base speakers are incorporated as a dual speaker. 
The Rear Dual Speaker

Sound as power as they look !
This is where the Sub-Woofer is suppose to be located

Just below the rear right speaker ! 

It hides the rear window regulator system. 
A new adapter cover cum speaker holder is required.

The rear is exposed to the inside of the rear panel area.
After fitting the sub-woofer.

The special Golf Cabriolet amplifier 

Fitted under the front passenger seat

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Golf 7 Rear Hatch Grommet Replacement

Grommet Replacement Golf 7

The rear hatch on all Volkswagen cars are electrically fed with wires running from the main body thru' a rubber grommet which isolate against the elements....water, dust, dirt etc. 

The grommet can easily be damaged when removal is not done properly or done in the hands of workshop idiots. 

Here we have a case of the grommet connectors removed for the rear view camera installation. 

Repair attempts but sealant would not normally work on such connectors

The owner only realised that the grommet was faulty when it was raining inside the car after the rear view camera was installed.  Workshop has claimed that it was already damaged when they were working on the camera.....as usual. 

Replacement is complex as all the wires running through the grommet are usually not coloured. We have to mark all the wires individually. The pins inside the connector is also a pain to remove without the proper tools ( leave that to a typical workshop and you will have further damages to the wire connections

Disconnecting the main hatch connector

Wire harness removed for grommet removal

After all necessary hardware removal, the wire harness is slide out of the grommet and the new grommet reinserted. 

Connectors removed and prepared for reinsertion.

New grommet installed. Now to reconnect the female connectors and pins

It took about 2 plus hours to have the whole work done. So beware where you send your car to for installation involving the rear hatch. It could be a painful experience. 

Job Done ! 

Special effort is needed when removing the connector from the body as they are easily damaged. 

The plastic catch on the left was damaged during earlier removal attempt.