Monday, 22 August 2016

Original Shark Fin Retrofitted on Golf 7

Shark Fin Retrofitting on Golf 7 Trendline

After the Discovery Pro retrofitting, an original roof mounted GSP antenna is absolutely necessary for good GSP reception.  We fitted the original new Volkswagen shark fin which is used on all the MQB chassis vehicles such as the Golf 7, Passat, Touran and Tiguan. 

Original VW Golf 7 GPS antenna 
We have done many retrofit before using the older shark fin antenna which was a simple 15 mm x 15 mm square hole. However, on the new Golf 7, a really big odd shape hole needs to be cut onto the roof.  This is not for those with weak stomach. 

Not for the weak stomach owner ! 

The hole is cut using a template of the antenna. The odd hole is really odd. It is not evenly shaped and not centrally aligned. Had to compare the actual antenna to the marked hole before proceeding with the actual cutting. 

The roof lining must be lowered partially to allow access to the underside where the antenna must be secured.  That also process requires removing most of the trims at the hatch which is hindering the roof lining lowering. 

I approached the job with an opened mind that if everything fails, I would patch up the hole, weld it up and respray the whole roof at most ! 

However, work proceeded successfully and the odd shaped hole was cut nicely. I am about 95% satisfied. Could have done a better job. Nevertheless, the antenna fitted nicely, secured properly and when tightened from the underside the antenna lock in 100% ! 

This is a new designed antenna anchor. The Audi A5 antenna looks similar but is secured with a simple nut. The fit was not as solid though. The single nut holding the antenna down on a slightly curved roof may be the cause. This new anchoring method is really solidly mounted. 

The hole is located per original position and is centrally located under the roof

Cannot be happier with the GPS reception. Even when parked at the 2nd floor car park with out 10% viewing of the sky, the reception was 3/12 satellite. 

The new GPS antenna looks more sleek than the older fin ! 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Discovery Pro Navigation Head Unit Retrofit on Golf 7

Retrofitting Discovery Pro MIB2 on Golf 7 : 19th Aug 2016

Having been looking forward to this project for my Golf 7.  Retrofitting the latest MIB2 Discovery Pro unit is not a easy task. 

It involves replacing the entire glove box console so that the controller unit ( 5F Information Center ) is installed. 

The original housing

The new housing for the Discovery Pro controller module

Removed the glove box housing to expose all the components behind.

A specially fabricated harness extend the connector from the original position to the glove box location. 

Remove the original Composite Colour head unit and vent housing

The new MIB2 Display Unit fits perfectly ! 
After fitting the two main units, the system works okay.  There are some functions and gremlins that needs to be ironed out.

Discovery Pro MIB2 retrofitted

Vehicle Data is displayed per MFD information

The MIB2 App Connect function

The App Connect function does not work for all region. The Android Auto is not supported in our region. Only MirrorLink function is supported for my Samsung Note 4 and our region. However, having some issues with connecting to this currently.

DVD playing but need to install the VIM 

The map is the latest with MCE etc ! 2016

This is my favorite ..... The Blue Trainer ! 

The next is to fit the shark fin which requires a huge gabbing hole to be cut onto the roof in order to fit the original shark fin.

To be continued..........

Friday, 12 August 2016

Anti Theft Alarm System ATWS on Golf 7

Retrofitting ATWS on Golf 7 Basic 

The Golf 7 is prepared for the ATWS.  All the base version as I know are fitted with only the Anti Theft System minus the Warning system. Presumably this is due to cost concern. 

ATWS Door Lock/Unlock Acoustic Confirmation
with Coming/Leaving Home Light via Fog Light LED 

The standard Anti Theft System comprises of the dead bolt door locks on all the doors/hatch and locking indicator on all doors/hood/hatch. Once the doors are locked, it cannot be opened from the inside.

The Anti Theft Warning System can be incorporated onto the existing factory system by adding the various tilt & intrusion module/siren/switch/harness and programming. 

This would protect the vehicle from any intrusion or being towed away illegally.  

There is not additional controller device needed as the system work with the original Volkswagen door remote controller key. 

Door opening and closing can be audible as desired. This is controlled from the Information Center (Radio Head Unit) 

Additional Feature : The doors can also be programmed to be automatically armed when all the doors are closed. This would render vehicle protection in the event the driver forgets to lock the vehicle when leaving it. If the doors are opened again, the siren would sound off unless the ignition key is inserted into the ignition lock cylinder.  

ATWS Acoutic Confirmation can be controlled via the Radio 

The new VW Golf 7 Siren is installed behind the bulkhead. 

Tilt/Intrusion Module 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Lane Assist on Golf 7 : First in Singapore/Malaysia

6 Aug 2016 : Retrofitting Lane Assist on Golf 7

The benefit of the lane assist in my opinion, is very necessary. It assist in keeping the car in lane when travelling above 70 kph by gently correcting the vehicle direction by electrically turning the steering wheel to aid the driver. 

Fitting the original VW Lane en travelling above Assist on the Golf 7 involves major modification which includes the windscreen, rear view mirror and even the Gateway of the vehicle. 

A special part number for the Lane Assist option windscreen was ordered and installed on the Golf 7 

Special Lane Assist option windscreen

Everything you need...rear mirror, camera, heater and rain sensor 

This is the painful part when the old screen is removed ! Urgghhh ! 
The guys fitting the new screen 
New mirror is needed as the old would not fit on the new position 

The original rain sensor is re-used. 
The new set up with new mirror and housing cover

The hidden Lane Assist camera

The new Lane Assist Windscreen completed

Coming Up Next : To commission the system

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Phillips LED Fog Light bulbs H11 on Golf 7

LED Bulbs H11 Fog Light

Replaced the rather dull incandescent H11 bulb on the Golf 7 fog lights ! These bulbs have special LEDs from Phillips. The light intensity is 4000 illuminance. 

Did not consider the HID ( High Intensity Discharge ) bulbs as they are rather glaring as previously experienced. I was concerned that these LED bulbs would be the same but was surprised that the way the bulbs are mounted to reflect properly onto the road rather then all over the place. As such the bulbs are not glaring at all !

After install, I actually have the fogs working as cornering lights.  Never show the fog working as cornering lights as the original incandescent bulbs shown poorly on the road.  Now, the LED literally brightens up the right and left corners during turns.  

The original DRL on the headlights is a mismatch to the White fog lights currently. Next upgrade would resolve this issue. 

The beam thrown is flat and downward without any adjustment
No glare for the other drivers on the road. 

The Fog lights appear blue on the picture but is actually white to our eyes ! 

Light thrown onto the floor
( little or no reflection from the stainless steel railing in front )
With only the fog lights switched on, the entire front floor area is literally flooded with white light ! The corners are so clear now !

Golf 7 DSG Shifter Conversion

DSG Shifter from Audi RS Converted to Golf 7

I never like the original shifter from VW since the Golf 6. The joystick design is just not there. The E35 golf ball design was nice on the Golf 6 GTI but it stopped there.

Comparing the original imitation leather and plastic feel shifter, the RS shifter is really NICE ! The feel is just out of this world. Something that we always come into "contact" when we drive !

I converted the Audi RS Shifter onto the Golf 7 ! Love the "On The Ball" feel !

Too plasticky and cheap feeling. 

The Million $$ feel of the RS shifter

Feels Great to the feel !! 

Classy justification for a great car ! 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

New Beetle Emblem Camera Retrofitted

New Original Volkswagen Emblem Camera 

We retrofitted this Beetle with an RNS510 and included the new Volkswagen emblem camera ( Beetle version ).  The option for the earlier bumper mounted original VW camera ( used on the Scirocco ) have been forgone because of the exposure to rain and elements. The emblem protect the camera from the elements.

Unlike the Golf 6 or Passat, the emblem camera for the Beetle is unique.

The camera view enhance the OPS sensors.

PeeKaPoo !

I see you now ! 

Hidden within the emblem housing, the camera is well protected. 
The camera is hidden in the emblem and only pops out when in Reverse Mode

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

External Pollen Filter for Golf 7 VII

Retrofitting the External Charcoal/Pollen Filter on Golf VII 7

The open port net on the external air intake vent is subjective.  Dirt and grim plus insects would get through the gaps.

The original screen housing on the Golf VII 7
Dirt and road grim get pass the screen and end up inside the cabin and
get stuck at the pollen filter inside

It is fortunate that there is a pollen filter built before the evaporator
Fitted an external filter housing with a built in pollen filter to prevent this from happening. The carbon impregnated filter would reduce the smell coming into the car. The filter would also be the first line of defense against all foreign particles. 

The replacement filter housing with the carbon impregnated 

The air quality sensor is fitted as per original position
The rain water deflector is refitted into position to complete the job

Adding to the work, I replaced the old carbon impregnated filter with the latest Volkswagen anti-allergies carbon filter.  This part have only been recently introduced. Cost slight more than the normal carbon filter. 

New Anti-Allergies Carbon Filter vs Normal Carbon Filter

The Choice is obvious

Now, the air smell so much fresher and cleaner with the new set up.  Well worth the money spent to make the occupants healthier and alert ! 

The main summary of my Golf 7 projects are here 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Golf 7 Footwell Lighting

Golf 7 Footwell Lighting Retrofit

The Golf 7 Comfort Line did not come with the footwell lights.  We retrofitted them with the Golf 6 normal incandescent footwell lights and replace the bulbs with LED bulbs.

An aftermarket harness needs to be introduced on the vehicle and connected to the BCM to control the lighting.

Coding of the BCM is required and is more complicated then it was on the earlier models.  With help sought from the earlier pioneers of the Golf 7 since 2013, we managed to get them fitted relatively easily.

Adjustment of the footwell light in ambient mode was done via the MFD on the instrument cluster previously. Now, it is done via the Information Center on the Radio. I am amazed by this....though I am a late come as they have this since 2013.  Something new for me. MQB platform is interesting !

Both the front and rear footwell area are lighted up 100% with doors opened

Ambient mode....lighted up at 30% per my choice

The apertures are provided for on all the cars.

After coding, the Footwell option appeared

My choice at 30% during headlights switched on 
My main Golf 7 project summary is here